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African Bloodstone Tumbled

African Bloodstone Tumbled

African Bloodstone is said to provide protection from negative influences in the environment and the human bio field. It has long been associated with abundance in all things and is used by many to form part of a manifestation grid to attract an abundance of wealth, health and happiness.

Many alternative healers believe that African Bloodstone can help with infections and a depleted immune system. The ancient Egyptians used Bloodstone to shrink tumors and some say that blood disorders of all kinds can be aided by the application of this crystal in a healing session. This includes detoxification of the circulatory and lymphatic systems and supporting the liver, kidneys and lungs.

Energetically, Bloodstone is a cleanser and amplifier stone, meaning that it removes or blocks negative influences and vibrations and replaces them with positive, healing vibrations of a higher frequency.

transformative crystal that teaches us how to be flexible in order to solve problems and to recognize that chaos is sometimes necessary if transformations are to take place.

Healing Properties and Applications

African Bloodstone can be worn on your person as jewelry so that you can access its healing, protective vibrations all day. Wearing Bloodstone jewelry can be very helpful to those who find that their natural magnetic field interferes with watches, or who experience static shocks from synthetic fibers and metal. This is because the properties of Bloodstone have a balancing effect on energy flow.

Place a piece of African Bloodstone next to your computer to protect against the effects of geopathic stress. It can also help to overcome mental exhaustion and to enhance the decision-making process.

A piece of African Bloodstone placed in a bowl of water near the bed is thought to enhance peaceful, refreshing sleep.  

African Bloodstone can be used in chakra balancing to align the energy centers of the etheric body and ensure the smooth flow of energy. Placed on the Base or Root chakra it helps to ground you into the security of the Earth. Used at the Heart, African Bloodstone encourages this chakra to open to the frequencies of Universal unconditional love.
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