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Angels and Auras Oracle

Angels and Auras Oracle


Introducing the “Angels & Auras Oracle” - a divine 44-card deck accompanied by a celestial guidebook.

This deck is a heavenly connection between you and the angelic realm, each card radiating with the energy and presence of angels.

Each card is a visual and spiritual feast, offering a glimpse into the angelic guidance and aura colors that influence our daily lives.

The guidebook is a beacon of light, providing detailed descriptions and messages from each angel. It’s like having a conversation with your guardian angel.

Designed for both newcomers and angel enthusiasts, this deck is a tool for spiritual growth, healing, and understanding the subtle energies that surround us.

Whether you’re seeking comfort, guidance, or a deeper connection with your spiritual guardians, the “Angels & Auras Oracle” is your gateway to divine wisdom.

Y’all, get ready to embrace the angelic guidance and aura magic with this enchanting oracle deck!

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